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We offer new generation games backed with the best technologies and techniques to ensure transparency, trust and reliability for operators as well as their customers

...more than gaming

Shacks Evolution Studios was founded in 2019 dedicated to giving the very best of iGaming products with a focus on integrity, uniqueness, and profitability. We offer gaming products and solutions to bookmakers, casino, lotto and lottery as well as sports entertainment companies. Our values come from a standpoint of bright ideas and producing a customer-centric experience.

Provably Fair

This cryptography based technology is a 100% trust & transparency guarantee for a player

Engagement Tools

With our built-in promo tools and social mechanics, every game feels like a different experience

Data Security

We protect clients' digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle

Client 247 Support

Give us a Call. Our Client Services Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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About Shacks Evolution

We are a team of visionaries with over 10 years experience in iGaming. We are an African led iGaming studio creating localized content.

We stand for constant innovation, effective products, and amazing user experience.


Why Shacks Evolution?

We come to the table as a partner rather than a service provider, combining our business acumen and entrepreneurial vision with amazing technical expertise and the ability to execute quickly and efficiently, taking your idea to market, at speed.


We offer new generation games backed with the best technologies and techniques to ensure transparency, trust and reliability for customers as well as clients. Such technology includes a cryptographically secure Provably Fair

Top Profit Games

Each game is tailored to suit your business and assures remarkable profits. You will benefit from our extensive and vast experience working in the iGaming solutions industry

Reliable Results

One of our core values is reliability. We act in your best interest to ensure effective results in securing long term and solid growth

White Label

We offer personalization and customization services that smoothly integrates your brand across all our games

Mobile Responsiveness

We specialize in custom development for the web as well as mobile applications. All of our software solutions are mobile friendly, mobile optimized and have a responsive design

Online & Retail

In case you operate bricks and mortar shops, or online betting, lotto or casino sites, or both; we have the right cross-platform solution for you.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

What is Shacks Evolution?

Shacks Evolution is a new generational focused iGaming solutions company which creates adaptive, unique and customer centric products for its clients across the world. Our team is led by visionaries and experts with a lot of experience offering products to suit every business.

Can your products be trusted?

Definitely, our core value is Integrity. All our products are built on state of the art technology, the best quality and have been verified by independent verifiers. Our products are also hosted on premium cloud computing such as Azure and AWS which ensures a 99% efficiency of game play.

How are your products integrated?

We are very dynamic in nature and are able to integrate based on your service providers requirements. We have an exceptional technology team.

Are your services customisable?

Yes, all services can be customised to fit your platform needs. Additionally, our services can be tailored for all types of businesses – from small retail outlets to big online operations.

Can we get a free trial?

We have demos available for some of our games, please feel free to check them out.

Still have a question? Don't worry, our customer care team is ready to help you with any questions or problems